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WingFly textiles Co., Ltd. Is a enterprise combine with the industry cooperation and trade, including fabrics and garment making business, and enjoy independent import and export right.

We focuse on effectively serving the worldwide market with quality products and superior service.and can customize the type what you want! we specialized in supply Selvedge denim to top denim brands. and manufacture all kinds of Selvedge denim from 4oz to 32oz. Used xinjiang cotton and nature indigo.we have 98 sets Old-fashioned shuttle loom, can supply more than 400'000 yards one month,can meet all different requirements of customer's.

Meanwhile,wingfly textile also can make selvege denim jeans/pants/jacket,in one package service.

Warmly and sincerely welcome to give us call or email for start our cooperation.

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Company News

  • Notice of CNY Holidays of 2018

    Notice of CNY Holidays of 2018

    Dear Valued Customers: Firstly Thanks a lot for your support always to our company!And May you have a prosperous business in the new year of 2018! Here comes Chinese New Year Holidays,we are close on Feb.12th and open on Sep.23th. During the holidays ...   Read more

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    Natural Vegetable Dye-Eco-free/Enviroment Protection Dye Methods

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  • W292C-Indanthrone Blue

    W292C-Indanthrone Blue

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Coloured Threads

Historically, all denim had a selvedge finish — typically in plain white — as the fabric was always made using shuttle looms. In the 1930s, manufacturers started to add different colours to selvedge, as a way to recognize the different qualities they were producing for various clients. Red was the original addition an ... + Read more

The Looms

The looms play a big role in explaining why selvedge denim is more expensive. Selvedge fabric is made on older, less efficient machines called shuttle looms. These are more costly, time-consuming and arduous to use, but they produce better quality results (and, of course, those lovely selvedge edges). On the contrary ... + Read more

What is Selvedge?

Selvedge (UK) or selvage (US) refers to a narrow, tightly woven band on the edges of denim fabric. The fabric can only be made this way using an old school shuttle loom. A selvedge runs parallel to the warp, with one single thread of weft that doubles back and is woven around the warp ends. Think of it like a natural ... + Read more

Any promotional items?–14oz W6615A & 23oz W98539

100%cotton 14oz indigo W6615A–10’000yards, 100%cotton 23oz indigo W98539–4200yards,   Yes,this items are in stock/inventory,high quality,fast deliver,competitive price. Meet your needs which order quantity may be below 3000yards(under moq). ... + Read more

Can I also order if below MOQ 3000yards?

For some items,we have long-term time inventory/stock.Like W6615A-14oz indigo selvedge denim fabric. And others if you are interested in,just tell your order quantity,then will check the stock status soonest. ... + Read more

How can I get some samples

You can request swatches directly from our website. All you have to do is to send us item codes and your contact information,we will prepare for your as per your request.Sample swatches are free of charge. ... + Read more



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